Specialty Care

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Specialty care services are offered to existing patients as a part of our comprehensive approach. Providing exceptional care and reaching nationally recognized outcomes in chronic disease often includes nutrition, podiatry, and nephrology services.  StayWell providers link patients to these co-located services as needed and coordinate care through a shared electronic health record.

Allergy Testing

Both children and adults can have food and environmental allergy testing done at StayWell.  The primary care provider for existing patients determines the need and coordinates the testing and follow-up response. 



StayWell recognizes that individuals often have unique and common healthcare needs during different life stages.  Seniors are valuable members of our community who deserve healthcare providers who understand the care that they need.  Services include:

Laboratory Tests

StayWell has on-site laboratory testing to reduce the need for patients to travel elsewhere to complete critical lab tests.  Interfacing health record systems ensure that laboratory results are received quickly and can be acted upon in health care decision making.



Patients with kidney disease can be provided care by a board-certified specialist at StayWell’s 80 Phoenix Avenue location.  Existing patient’s StayWell primary care provider links patients to the needed care. This is offered to StayWell patients only. 



Nutritional intake is integrated into the care and health outcomes of most patients, and particularly those who are living with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, obesity or HIV.  Working with a certified nutritionist who respects individuals’ culture and preferences, often improves results and patient experience. Nutrition services are open to all StayWell patients. 



Podiatrists treat foot, ankle, and related structures in your legs to improve the overall health of our patients.  A skilled board-certified Podiatrist can diagnose and treat a wide variety of foot disorders including complications due to diabetes, arthritis, pregnancy and obesity that affect the feet.

In addition to primary medical care, StayWell Health Center offers specialty care services to existing patients whom are part of comprehensive care programs. As part of our effort to better serve our patients, we have nutrition, podiatry, and hypertension specialty care. Patients who use StayWell primary care services may be eligible to access these specialty care services, if their medical needs so dictate and they are included in the care program by their primary care physician.


If you are currently a StayWell patient who receives specialty care services, please use the following contact information:

80 Phoenix Avenue
Suite 306
Waterbury, CT 06702
Phone: (203)756-8021 ext. 3807

Fax: (203)596-4768

If you are not currently a StayWell patient, but are interested in specialty care services, please call (203)756-8021 ext. 3807 to set up a primary care appointment and learn what your care options may be.