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Adult Behavioral Health


StayWell Health Center offers comprehensive behavioral health care for adults. The team includes a Licensed Psychiatrist, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. Multilingual therapists are available. You can contact the Behavioral health team at 203-756-8021, Ext. 3529 to speak with a professional. 

80 Phoenix Ave
Waterbury, CT 06702
Phone: (203) 756-8021 ext. 3560
Fax: (203) 597-8637

1309 South Main Street
Waterbury, CT 06706
Phone: (203) 756-8021, ext. 3529
Fax: (203) 597-8637

30 Church Street
Naugatuck, CT 06770
Phone: (203) 805-4929
Fax: (844) 668-4620

Services include:

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Adult Co-Occurring Intensive OutPatient Program (IOP)

The Adult Co-occurring Intensive Outpatient Program at StayWell Health Center addresses the needs of individuals with mental health issues, substance use disorders, or both (co-occurring) who need more support than weekly therapy sessions can provide.

The program consists of structured group meetings 3-4 times per week for men and women and is available for both English and Spanish speaking patients. Individuals will be empowered to improve their quality of life, reduce substance use, build coping strategies, and manage their behavioral symptoms through intensive groups, medication management, and routine evaluations.

Our IOP Treatment Team will assist adults in attaining many goals during treatment, such as:

Upon completion of StayWell IOP, clients will be provided the opportunity to transition into the StayWell Outpatient Behavioral Health Treatment Program or be referred back to their referring provider. 

Adult Co-Occurring IOP is:


1309 South Main Street
Waterbury, CT 06706
Phone: (203) 756-8021, ext.3529
Fax: (203) 597-8637


Tuesday 9:00am - 12:00pm
Thursday 9:00am - 12:00pm
Friday 9:00am - 12:00pm