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5 Simple & Neat Grounding Techniques!


For many of us, there have been times in our lives where we feel anxious, stressed or unfortunately are faced with a distressing situation. Listed below are five techniques that can be very helpful during these periods or anxiety, stress or panic by helping to ground you when your mind is whisked away by anxious or distressing thoughts, feelings or situations.


These techniques are meant to help distract from what might have triggered you, and refocus on the present feeling calmer and safe. Before we begin it’s important to keep in mind that sometimes-regaining control of yourself is not always easy, and could take a few tries or a combination of techniques to get to a good head space again. Don’t give up, and start with the basics:

1. Deep Breathingpexels kelvin valerio 810775

As anxious or distressing thoughts begin to race, it can take a persons’ breath along with it. To regain control of your breathing take slow, deep and purposeful breathes while focusing on the air filling the lungs before pushing back out, growing calmer and in more control with each breath. Here’s how:


2. Walk or Exercise

Anxiety or stress can sometimes feel like a lot of physical energy built up in the body looking for a way out; a good way to expel that energy and regain control is doing some quick exercises, such as:


3. Memory Games

Anxiety can make your brain feel like a mess, which can be overwhelming and make matters worse. Redirecting focus to a list can help jump start a sense of organization and help you think more clearly. Start by trying to:


4. Focus Object

A focus object can be anything that is easily held in one or both hands and has some different colors, textures or factors to it however, a simple pen can also do the trick. If this exercise works for you be sure to carry or have a focus object around so it’s available whenever you should need it. To use a focus object:


5. “5-4-3-2-1”

This last technique is similar to the focus object, as it requires you to focus on different parts of the space you are in using your 5 senses to act as an anchor, bringing you back to feeling in control and calm. This technique can be done out-loud or in-your-head, start by:

In order to get the most of these techniques, here are a few pointers:

These techniques are useful tools to help cope with distressing thoughts, situations or emotions in the moment. They provide relief, however, it’s generally temporary.  If anxiety, stress or feeling overwhelmed are things that you struggle with regularly and you continue to have trouble coping with these feelings, please call StayWell Health Center at (203) 756-8021 ext. 3529 to schedule a session with one of our Spanish-speaking or English-speaking clinicians today!


Janet Peterson, LCSW

Behavioral Health Clinician/Manager

StayWell Health Center